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  • Before Adam
    Before Adam is a novel by Jack London, serialized in 1906 and 1907 in Everybody’s Magazine. It is the story of a man who dreams he lives the life of an early homi-nid Australopithecine. The story offers an early view of human evolution. The majority of the story is told through the eyes of the ma..
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  • Sherlock Holmes
    This book is intended for home reading for senior school pupils, collages, lyceums and person who are interested in English. The book contains new words with definition as a game, questions and tests with keys. ..
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  • Оила энциклопедияси
    Энциклопедияда оила ва оилавий муносабатларнинг моҳияти, тарихи, эволюцияси, оила институтининг ёш авлодни маънан кучли, ақлан етук ҳамда баркамол қилиб тарбиялашдаги роли ва аҳамияти масалалари ёритилган. Нашр оила қуришга тайёрланаётган ёшлар, ёш оилалар, ушбу муаммо билан қизиқувчилар ва умуман к..
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